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Crane simulators provide a completely realistic reproduction of the visual, behavioral and operational characteristics while making the operation of the simulator extremely simple and intuitive for trainees and instructors.  A typical crane simulator includes: a replica operator cabin, seat, swappable plug and play control consoles, high fidelity visual system, sound system, optional motion platforms, an instructor station.

Crane simulator simplifies planning and scheduling of the training. For instance, in case of new cranes, the training of operators can be conducted already before the cranes at the site are commissioned, or even arrive at the terminal. The majority of the training can be done with the simulator, which significantly reduces the training needed with real cranes before the operator starts working in production. Thus the real cranes remain available for production while the operators perform their training.

  • Heavy Equipment operations used in Earthmoving, Construction and Material handling Sector
  • Heavy lifting technician course
  • Offshore and Onshore crane simulator training,
  • Slinger
  • Banksman
  • Rigger.
  • Port Cranes
  • Construction Cranes
  • Ship to Shore Cranes
  • RTG Cranes
  • Mobile Harbour Cranes
  • Ship pedestal Cranes
  • Tower Cranes
  • Reach Stacker(Empty Container Lifting Crane)
  • Top LIFT

We are a team of engineers involved in developing skills of the Youth by means of successful proper training to the several unemployed educated Youths to meet the present industrial requirement, ICS(v) Pvt Ltd also develops special curriculum for in-house training to enhance the skills of the employees in Industries / Organizations.