The Major advantage of undergoing Training at ICS(v) Pvt Ltd is that a candidate

  • Value Added Training which shows the assured quality.
  • Special attention to the individual candidates.
  • More weightage on practical training which take us to the real time virtual effect.
  • Individual equipment to each candidate.
  • Variety of courses available.
  • The latest teaching equipment’s (Audio / Video) are used for imparting training.
  • The course fee structure has been so fixed that anyone can afford.


The scope of employment in the said field is enormous and rapidly increasing, as the Globalization & Industrialization takes place both in India and around the Globe, resulting the large number of these Equipment’s/machinery are being introduced on a wider scale in many Private & Public Sector, especially in the major construction works, which require number of trained manpower especially in the operation & Maintenance of Heavy Equipment’s.

The relationship between our Institute and the trained candidates does not end at the time of completion of the training, but it continues all along with his career.

Further, we are maintaining and updating the data of the prospective Employers who are in need of trained manpower for operation & maintenance of these costly Equipment’s deployed in their establishments.